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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Energy Efficiency Breeze

The energy efficiency topic, and opportunity, is never far when discussing the economy and the electrical industry.  And the news, and outreach endeavors by distributors and manufacturers, continues.  In some instances it is about identifying ways to generate revenue, in others it is about reducing costs and being environmentally sensitive.

  • Yesterday President Obama spoke at Carnegie-Mellon (yes, one of my alma maters) and touched on the need “to aggressively accelerate” its transition from oil to alternative sources of energy."  He also mentioned the need to continue investing in R&D as well as utilize natural gas and invest in nuclear.
  • WESCO's Energy Summits will now have a Gexpro to compete against.  Gexpro announced that it has conducted three so far this year and has at least two more planned.  While some independents have also held similar seminars, the national chains typically target larger accounts to attend.  If you are an independent actively seeking to be your area's "energy efficiency resource (or supplier of choice)", aggressively marketing yourself and investing in marketing is critical to achieving success (and yes it is a long-term sale and requires commitment  to the process.)
  • According to an article that Joe Salimando wrote for NECA, 8 electrical distributors plus Grainger exhibited at WindPower 2010.  At least 5 electrical contractors also exhibited.  Companies like Thomas & Betts and Erico also exhibited.  The article shares some of Joe's insights on the wind opportunity (and he'll probably write a little more in TED but it's good to read what he writes to contractors).  The key point ... another alternative energy opportunity, albeit a niche market for many people (but there will also be MRO opportunities for distributors).
  • And just because we "sell" energy efficiency products doesn't mean we can't use some help.  Leviton recently worked with the Long Island Power Authority to become more efficient and in the process will save $116,000 annually
People ask us "how many electrical distributors are proactively involved in the energy efficiency market?"  The challenge in answering the question is defining "proactively".  What do you think defines a distributor who is proactively in the energy efficiency business ... what does a distributor need to offer other than bidding projects?  Let us know and we'll post the results.

ElectricalTrends Updates

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