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For years we’ve recommended ElectricSmarts to distributors and manufacturers.  For distributors they offer free, robust, content to enhance websites along with an eSales capability that enables contractors to selectively determine which distributors they want to electronically connect to … from their estimating system to the distributor.  For manufacturers, they offer the ability to promote product content via a vast ecosystem.  Now, Channel Marketing Group (CMG) is partnering with ElectricSmarts to offer free research as part of an ElectricSmarts advertising package.

Last week Bill Floyd shared the following with much of the industry:

ElectricSmartsElectricSmarts Develops Alliance With Channel Marketing Group

Adds More Market-Knowledge For Partners

Two of ElectricSmarts’ core strengths are a) unprecedented Manufacturer / Customer Channel Reach and b) the ability to Influence Contractor Product Selection at the final point of Bid Preparation. Now, Market Research will be available for the first time in 2017 ESmarts Planning Guide. ElectricSmarts is collaborating with David Gordon’s CMG to expand its offering by offering Brand Preference Studies, End-User Research and possibly other survey projects.

ElectricSmarts already has by far the largest reach in the industry due to its Powerful Content, Network of Hundreds of Wholesaler Partners, Exclusive Alliance with IDEA, and integration with every Electrical Contractor Estimating Package. This new relationship adds some great Market Insight for Manufacturer Partners.

David Gordon needs no introduction. He is a well-known industry veteran whose Channel Marketing Group has conducted important industry research projects for major clients for many years.

Said David, “I’m excited about this new relationship with ElectricSmarts. I’ve known Keith and Bill for years and their goal is to help Manufacturers and Distributors better serve their joint clients. Tools such as their Content and NetPricer help Distributors engage with customers and I know their marketing tools help Manufacturers with their branding and product marketing because I have clients who use these services. Together we can help ElectricSmarts’ Manufacturers gain end-user insights to further differentiate themselves.”

Bill Floyd of ElectricSmarts says of this new arrangement, “Our goal continues to be to provide our partners with marketing and strategic advantages they can’t get elsewhere at a far lower cost.”

Want to know more? Contact Bill at

Some thoughts …

  • If you are not aware of ElectricSmarts, or haven’t advertised, our experience (for clients) is that it is one of the most cost-effective, broadest reach, e-advertising tool for a manufacturer as it enables you to reach contractors and distributors with the same advertising package … while also increasing manufacturer visibility on their distributors’ websites.  And they have the ability to show you measurable results so there is an ROI to your marketing efforts.
  • Distributors, their tools enable you to add content to your site; provide your sales organization and customers with complete manufacturer ecatalogs branded for you and they can differentiate you with key customers via their eCommerce tool (NetPricer) which can help generate contractor preference … and its all measurable / trackable.

As it relates to the market research initiatives we’ll be partnering on for advertisers, the research will be customized to each manufacturer.  Potential initiatives include:

  • End-user insights (relating to brand preference, market expectations, product usage, perhaps on behalf of a specific distributor and more)
  • Distributor insights (distributor satisfaction, feedback on a new product offering, 2017 forecast / challenges, sales force effectiveness, market size / market share and more)

If you have questions, contact Bill or myself.  Together we can help you increase sales and generate free insights.

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