Joint Business Planning Research Findings & Report


joint-business-planning-a-pathway-to-growth-channel-marketing-groupOn September 8th we shared the findings of our recent Joint Business Planning research conducted earlier this year.  This report, and the accompanying recording, highlight the findings and share some recommendations.

Key areas for improvement include:

  • Advanced planning
  • Understanding the differing perspectives of manufacturers and distributors
  • Utilization of market research and sales analytics
  • The need for improved accountability to drive value and achieve sales goals

Recommendations were shared to improve the process. Some of these included:

  • Selectivity in determining whom to plan with
  • Determining planning objectives and determine what to share (and with whom)
  • Sharing market research / insights as well as sales analytics
  • Cascade planning
  • Determining whom to plan with and at what level (some planning with distributors / manufacturers may only be sales account planning … and should be called as such)

Click here to view / download the slides

Click here to download a recording of the presentation.

This research is offered free to the industry. Feel free to email / call with any questions.


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