About ElectricalTrends

ElectricalTrends is electrical distribution industry blog.  It is a collaboration that started by David Gordon from Channel Marketing Group and Allen Ray from Allen Ray Associates in August 2007.  After over 40 years in the electrical distribution industry Allen retired on August 1, 2016.

The purpose of ElectricalTrends is to share insights, observations and generate discussion and ideas on industry trends and activities and offer ideas that may help our readership in their quest to improve their business in the areas of growth and profitability.

Readers should not construe the postings, nor comments from individuals, as reasons to purchase / not purchase from a supplier nor as a basis for making an investment decision.

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About Channel Marketing Group

Channel Marketing Group

Channel Marketing Group helps manufacturers and distributors in the construction and industrial trades accelerate growth. We focus, and specialize, in the electrical industry. This is achieved through:

  • Company introspection
  • Marketplace research, and
  • Customer insights.

Each are integrated to assist clients in the areas of strategic planning, marketing planning and market research.

Other potential initiatives include:

  • Structuring business development resources to maximize performance
  • Customer satisfaction research and Voice of Customer initiatives
  • Channel strategy optimization and development
  • Competitive insights
  • Sales organization evaluation
  • Facilitating advisory councils
  • Developing preferred supplier marketing strategies
  • eMarketing initiatives
  • Incentive program design, support and RFP development
  • Identifying market size, and share, for product categories and for distributors

Our goal is to develop ideas that deliver results for you.

For more information, contact David Gordon at dgordon@channelmkt.com, visit our website at www.channelmkt.com or call 919-488-8635.

Allen Ray Associates


Allen Ray Associates helped businesses discover and create productivity plans for sound growth.

The stated goal of productivity by Allen Ray Associates was to increase overall Enterprise Velocity.  Areas Allen Ray Associates supported clients included:

  • Business Productivity Assessments (taking cost out of the business and changing the roles of overhead spend)
  • Training the Enterprise Price guru  to enhance the company’s bottom line by 2-8%
  • Developing Price matrices: Getting the right price every time for the customer
  • Balancing inventory

Allen Ray retired from the industry after over 40 years after having owned a distributorship, worked for ERP companies and pricing services and consulting with distributors in the areas of ERP evaluation and optimization, improving operational throughput and maximizing profitability through price management.  He now travels, “works” his ranch and spends time with his lovely wife Carole.

All postings provided by Allen Ray prior to his retirement are maintained with his approval and our appreciation.